Firm Base

F Base is ETHOS Grooming Essentials new edition. The F stands for Firm Base, and that’s exactly what it is! Though not a triple milled hard soap, it’s defiantly a firm soap.

The main reason for adding F Base to the ETHOS lineup is that many in the Wet Shaving Community like to load their lather right from the jar, and they requested an ETHOS soap with a little more firmness. As a result, I went to work and developed this new firmer base.

The F Base has all the skin beneficial ingredients that you expect from the ETHOS Grooming Essentials products including the EOS Complex. Where it’s different, besides being firmer, the lather is denser than our standard base, but still provides excellent protection. The slickness and glide are two strong points of the F Base, and the post shave is probably best described as unique. This base has a higher percentage of the EOS Complex with an added dose of hyaluronic acid.

So what’s the post shave like? Well, if you’ve ever used hyaluronic acid you would know that immediately after using it, your skin feels plump, this is because the skin is filled with moisture from the hyaluronic acid. That plump feeling best describes the post shave of the F Base.

An hour or so after shaving with F Base, the skin starts to get softer and softer, almost like it’s time released. The skin feels incredibly soft and hydrated but without leaving an oily or waxy residue on your face.