Her Shave

We are excited to bring a unique new product to women’s shaving with this collection of Body Shave Soaps. These soaps can be used on any area of your body you desire to shave and will give you a much better shaving experience than using over the counter products or regular bar soap.

These Body Shave Soaps offer better razor glide, smoothness, protection from sharp razor blades and a much better post shave feel on the skin. They also help to prevent irritation and ingrown hairs and provide a better all-around shaving experience.

The Her Shave Collection includes a variety of scents and more will be added in the future. Many natural and organic skin beneficial ingredients are used in these Body Shave Soaps. They are easy to use and build into a great smelling lather. 

It’s time for women to kick their shaves up a level and we are here to help you achieve that!