About Us

Vision spawns a dream. Passion inspires the quest. Diversity offers selection. Nature bestows the gifts. Innovation seeks answers. Technology offers solutions.

ETHOS is a pioneering brand developed for users who care about the products they put on their bodies.

ETHOS utilizes research and development along with organic and modern chemistry blending the finest grades of certified organic ingredients, while also using scientifically advanced environmentally friendly active ingredients creating innovative formulas to cleanse, nourish, preserve and protect the essential overall wellness of the skin, hair, and body.

ETHOS is inspired and dedicated to bringing enthusiasm and truthful knowledge to its customers, which include the wet shaving community, barbershops, salons, spas, vendors and boutiques. ETHOS is committed to never stopping the pursuit of better solutions and maintaining the standards that were set from day one.

Discover Diversity

Somewhere in the world there’s a beautiful solution for every skin type that transcends ethnicity and gender. ETHOS is committed to developing products and making the brand known for being a product for all people! Also, the words Grooming Essentials refer to the fact that ETHOS will offer Shaving products, Skincare, Body care and Hair care products to satisfy all your daily-grooming rituals.

ETHOS thinks global

It is my blueprint for sourcing many of the earth’s habitats and cultural communities. I continue to learn more about the native understanding of the indigenous ingredients cultivated from that region and how they blend them into age-old remedies that have been practiced and passed on through generations. I also research the latest in man made technically advanced, environmentally friendly ingredients again sourced globally.

I combine my many years of experience as a product developer along with the knowledge I’ve gained from studying the world’s communities and their home grown wisdom to take many of the world’s indigenous ingredients that are native to their countries and blend them with new-age science and transform them into results oriented formulations that reflect needs of every diverse skin and hair type.

The Best of All Worlds

Nourishing fruit butters from Africa, soothing seaweed from the oceans, healing herbs from the rainforests, beneficial and precious oils from India, citrus oils from Italy, vitamin enriched fruits from the islands, lavender and Sunflower seed oil from France, teas from Asia. Nature’s offerings gathered from around the globe infused into our distinct formulations make it easy to offer our clients - the best of all worlds.

The ETHOS Collections

The essence of each ETHOS Grooming Essentials collection has been inspired by the world’s countries’ unique cultures, Regions, Cities, Neighborhood’s, Communities, Businesses, Fashion Trends and Emotional Memories to create each collection. For example, some collections are totally focused on the indigenous ingredients found in different countries and cultures, while others may be influenced by a trendy NYC or Paris aroma boutique or about the ethos of the barbershop or a day at the beach.

The Customs Collection is all about doing custom work to personalize a product for a customer. If you need unscented products because of an allergy or sensitivities, then the Pure Collection is what you want to select. There will be more ETHOS Collections and products within those new collections added continually moving forward.

An identifiable aroma category is assigned to each ETHOS Grooming Essentials Collection. It is my hope that this will make the customers’ shopping experience easier for them to find the type of scent they are looking for without clicking on every product on the website. A couple of examples are, let’s say you are looking for a Citrus forward scent then look no further than the Agrume Collection. Want something tropical or beachy then the Island Collection is where you’ll find those aromas. Unscented, then the Pure Collection is what you would choose.

ETHOS Collections


ETHOS Grooming Essentials is committed to:

  • Continuous sourcing the earth's habitats for the highest quality natural and organic skin beneficial and aroma ingredients along with environmentally friendly and safe man made active ingredients.
  • Investing time and continuous energy into ongoing research and development to insure original forward thinking formulations.

  • Listening and responding to the input, feedback and requests of our customers.

  • Transparency and non deceptive marketing practices.
  • Customer service and support.