Tallow Shave Crème

Our new Tallow Shave Crème is designed to be the perfect base to highlight the citrus Aroma Blends, where scent strength can be diminished by high temperatures that are part of the shave soap making process. In this crème base, Aroma Blends can be added at room temperature, so the scent is more pronounced.

Like all ETHOS Shave soaps, the Tallow Shave Crème is easy to lather, and I recommend using an almond size amount for a full three pass shave if using a shaving bowl. The crème takes a decent but not excessive amount of water so add a little at a time. You can also apply the crème to your face with your hands or place it on the tip of your shaving brush. I recommend not rinsing the face completely between passes. Just add a quick splash of water, work it around and then lather up for your next pass. Thoroughly paint the lather on to distribute it after the initial swirling of the brush. This method will take the slickness to a whole other level!

This soap can be used with any natural hair or synthetic shaving brush. Everyone has their own method, so have fun experimenting with this new Tallow Shave Crème base and find what works best for you!