Vegan Shave Crème

We are excited to add this non-tallow Shave Crème to the ETHOS lineup of shave soap bases. The shaving experience using the crème is very luxurious, and, if lathered properly, it rivals the shave soaps. When experimenting with this crème, it has been found that the best lather can be achieved with a boar brush, as not only does the lather build very quickly, but the quality of the lather is better. But an amazing lather can also be achieved with a badger or a synthetic brush.

This is a true shave crème and not a soft soap, or as some call a "croap." Bowl lathering is recommended, but the crème can also be applied by hand to the face or put in the center of your shave brush. Less swirling and more painting of the lather is best, and the optimal amount for a three-pass shave is the size of an almond. This crème also offers great aroma blend options not easily obtained in a shave soap, therefore some aromas will be offered just in the shave crème.

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