Ice Dragon Liquid Ice Drops 1 oz / 30 ml bottle

Ice Dragon Liquid Ice Drops

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1 oz / 30 ml

Iced Dragon can be used to increase the cooling effects of Shave soap, pre-shave, post-shave products by adding some drops. Strength will increase the more drops that are put in the product. Start with less and add more if needed. Naural Food Grade cooling agents and natural Menthol Crystals are added to the blend for maximum cooling effect. Great for hot weather.


Add 1 to 2 drops to your shave soap in a bowl and lather up. Add more drops if needed to achieve the cooling strength you are looking for. If adding to a Skin Food splash make sure not to add more than 2 to 3 % of the bottle of the aftershave product. The product will not change the fragrance of the product used very much like straight Menthol Crystals do.


Jojoba oil, Menthol Crystals, WS - 5, WS - 12 Glyercrin, Denatured Alcohol.

FOR EXTERNAL USE ONLY: If Irritation Occurs Discontinue Use Immediately.

Handmade in USA